Monday, 27 October 2008

Bonfire Night - Keeping your pets safe

It’s that time of year again that all the pet owners dread. Bonfire night

If your dog suffers from fear of fireworks it is worth considering guidance from a behaviourist who can create you a desensitisation program for your pet. To be done properly this takes time and you may want to consider doing this in the next few months ready for next year.

Here are some tips for helping reduce anxiety and stress and preventing incidents caused by Fireworks

• There are several remedies on the market that you can get for your pets from the pet shop and the vets that can help reduce anxiety and stress caused by fireworks
• Keeping your pets indoors after dark
• Make sure your dog gets a good walk before dark. This will elevate their general mood state.
• If your dog is scared of Fireworks, keep them on a lead. Loud bangs can trigger a flight response and they can bolt, many dogs get lost during this time of year.
• Make sure your dog is wearing an Identification Tag at all times. This should be your surname, address and phone number.
• Keep curtains closed, and the TV or Radio on to disguise the noise.
• Stay in with your pets.
• Don’t confine your pet to one room. Fear can trigger a flight response and your pet will feel better if they can move about.
• Do fun things such a playing with toys and problem solving games to keep their minds off what’s going on outside.

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