Tuesday, 22 December 2009

More Snow

Today was a bit of a mission for walking and have cancelled classes tonight! The Roads are terrible!! When I got to Phillips park today it was snowing, I again made the decsion to park up and walk into the park. It was far to deep for little Ollie today and he got full of snow balls on his fur so I carried him home where he was much happier.

Snow !

Well it looks like we are going to have a white Christmas this year.
We decided to postpone the Christmas Party on Sunday due to the weather conditions and people not wanting to venture out.
Dog walking was fab, I had to park up and walk to 2 of my customers houses, one in phillips park and the other up Castle Hill road. Decided it was safer to walk than get stuck in the dog bus.

Everyone is liking the new heaters alot and Im off to purchase the rest today. We close tommorow for Christmas but I still have lots of work to do especially with organising the daycare. We have lots of enquries and dogs are coming in for assessment ready for when we open. I also need to employ someone to take over the dog walking for me in the new year so need to sort out a job ad for that and catch up on emails etc!!
All my assignments are completed and the next one is due on January the 8th. We have also started 2 new modules, Comparative Psychology and the History of Cynopraxis. Looking forward to getting my teeth into those assignments.
Im also hoping to work put plenty of work into my practical assessment for the Advanced Dog Training which is in January too!!

Friday, 18 December 2009

The Pitter Patter of Tiny Paws and Parties

Jayne picks up her new Springer Spaniel Puppy on Sunday, we cant wait!!! Also Bobbies owners are getting a new Whippet Puppy and also Freddies owners have a new puppy too that is also a whippet!!
We had our Christmas Puppy Party on Sunday which was Judged by Dog trainer Keith Davis. Boris won Young dog of the Year, Mollie won Puppy of the Year and Freddie was the Obedience Winner, well done to you all and everyone else who attended. Pictures and a full list of winners will be uploaded onto the website over the Christmas Period.

Its the Adult Dog Party this Sunday, can't wait.

Finally we had heaters fitted inside the training area on Wednesday with the rest to go up on Tuesday, just in time for the freezing temperatures!!!

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Well I have a bit of spare time so will do some updates over the next few days. Firstly Matthew took Teal to Leeming Bar last weekend and took the Gundog Club Grade 1 Hunting Retriever Test and passed with a distinction gaining a faultless 100%.

Saturday was a training day and Sunday was test day. The tests were organised and set up by some of the Bishop Burton tutors and students and I managed to get Matthew a place. Matthew plans to take his Grade 2 in March 2010
Matthew has also been accepted and offered a place on The Bishop Burton Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training starting September 2010.

On the 28th of November we had a staff training day and both Jayne and Matt successfully completed Part Two of our Instructor Development Program.