Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Christmas, Cold, Courses, Cabins and Clickers

Well Christmas is over and all is getting back to normal, not sure I like this cold weather, its freezing, The good thing is as everything is frozen the dogs stay clean but I think Id prefer to be warm with muddy dogs.
We had dog club parties they were great, the atmosphere at the dog party was fab. Then 2 weeks off for Christmas. I got new walking boots for Christmas which I was in desperate need of.

Just before Christmas I attended Lynda Edmondsons obedience classes in Wigan. As Lynda is regarded as one of the best trainers in the UK I though I would go get some help with training for college. Lynda is lovely and I learnt loads it was fab. I took Dinky and I have been to more sessions this month including a full clicker training day on Sunday which was awesome. I now have to teach Dinky to spin on the box and also to do a back foot target. Lynda has also helped me alot with my competitive heelwork. I have direction now and I’m feeling motivated and positive.

I’ve decided Im doing HTM with Dinky for my advanced dog training at college.
College for the last few months has been hard and many of us have had low marks on our assignments which seems to have demotivated everyone. I feel I have hit a turning point and Im finding writing assignments a bit easier, but hey lets see what the tutors think about them lol.
Im at College now on a block week, I brought both Dinky and Snoopy with me. Stewart is holding the fort at dog club for me. Its freezing and rained all day yesterday which has horrible. Didn’t do much training with the dogs yesterday so took them for a run on the westwood at Beverley racecourse. They were filthy and needed a hose when I got back. My cabin was bit cold yesterday but has now warmed up nicely. The dogs settled and slept all night, got up in time for breakfast but was nearly late due to talking dog stuff at breakfast with other students.

I had a practice run at my assessment today which was good, it’s the real thing on Thursday. Today I got Dinky to walk back 1 meter and target 2 mats on top of each other with her back feet. She also is turning 1 pace to the left and right on the box. I was pleased as she only did this for the first time on Sunday and progressed in a different environment today.
Back at the Cabin now the dogs are crashed out and Im off for pizza in a bit

I have plenty planned for the first half of the year, Snoopy is at Crufts in March, I’m also doing my CAP 1 and maybe 2 with Lynda, Im doing a clicker demo for the Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club of Wales and College of course always keeps me busy. I have also been asked by the newfy club to do an obedience session, but need to check my diary.
Ive had no internet for nearly 2 weeks as its broke, so the only access I have is when I visit my mums, I felt like I had lost an arm, but now I actually like and have begun to realise how much of my life wastes away in front of the PC. It’s a pain when doing course work if you need to do a search for info, but other than that lifes not that bad without it.

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  1. Internet time is different to normal time isn't it? Just whizzes by.

    Love your dogs, especially Taz. Heelers are now so rare...