Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dog Training and Wolf TV

This weekend I did my CAP1 first training day and on Sunday I did a full clicker training day. Tonight I’m off to a heelwork to music class. I would highly recommend CAP to anyone into clicker training.
Looking forwards to a weekend off!!

Dinky’s training is coming along nicely must get some video footage. I’ve also been working with Snoopy and I am free shaping him to mime, it’s really funny he can currently open and close his mouth 6 times.
I’ve been busy with dog club and walking but not much training although next week is busy. College is quiet and just planning my training plans at the moment and still deciding on what moves to do.

I have also been very busy with Project ‘Hubble’, can’t say anymore about this at the moment as I don’t like to tempt fate but all will be revealed in due course!!

I watched 2 wolf programs this week, the first was on Animal Planet and was called ‘Living with Wolves’ this was really interesting as it was a couple living close with a pack and studying them. They introduced 3 youngsters to the pack and one female was really bullied and stayed at a distance it seemed she was going to be an omega, then when they all come into season the alpha male picked her and she became the alpha. It was also interesting to see how the brother of the male omega stuck by him all the time. It was a good demonstration that their behaviour was not as black and white as we think. I like this a lot and would recommend it.

The other was Mr and Mrs Wolf, I’m not sure about this guy at all I think its more entertainment than educational. I’m not a believer in trying to behave like an animal, I respect that any animal can see we are a different species. I don’t think he is part of their pack, I think they tolerate him because he brings food. They were also very aggressive, maybe down to drama editing but the wolves I have observed did not show aggression like that.

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