Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Heelwork to Music, Holidays, Herding, Hit something Hard, and Hubble

Well I haven’t made it to water training for 2 weeks! The first week I ended up Heelwork to Music Training, last weekend I did some more HTM Training and we decorated Jon’s Dining room, it looks fab!
We all had a bit of stress with our first inappropriate canine behaviour assignment but got a weeks extension as we all got the wrong end of the stick. It’s quite weird now working at level 5 and you’ve really got to put the work in. I’m enjoying learning from it though. We have a two week break for Easter but I’m hoping to use that time to get ahead with my assignments, especially my training plan.

I’ve booked Dinky and Snoopy in for beginner sheep herding sessions in June at Scarborough. First they get assessed for natural instinct and then if they pass we get to have a go. It will be interesting as Dinky’s breed should have no herding instinct.
My gut feeling is Snoopy will be scared of them and Dinky will scatter them or make friends with them like Babe! Baaaa Ram Eweee…..

This week I am back training with Lynda Edmondson and looking forwards to it I feel I have hit a learning plateau and need some direction, it’s also the last CAP1 training day this month. Its funny how you can train people, support them, identify problems and see things plainly but when you are doing it yourself it’s totally different as you’re not looking as an outsider. I’m finding videoing and watching back helps as I can evaluate my session then.

This weekend I also managed to bump or should I say battered my Granvia in a car park, I was parked next to the trolley bay and hit the barrier as I pulled out. What a Muppet! I have a great big dent and have scraped all the paint off the bottom of the side sliding door, I’m hoping that it can be repaired as opposed to a new door!!

The window is still in though!!

I got a bit of surprise last week when the Bury Times ‘exposed’ Project Hubble, they had obviously been scanning the planning applications for something interesting and picked up on mine. I knew nothing about it until one of my customers mentioned it, thankfully it is a good write up, and it has certainly set tongues wagging with the dog owning community. There is not much I can do except plan and prepare until I get planning permission so was keeping it quiet.
When I first looked into my own premise for training I had no idea it was so complicated, I thought I’d just lease a unit and away we go, it’s been an interesting learning experience and I felt I have prepared myself well, I knew I was going to come across obstacles in the way and had to take risks and fight my corner. I knew nothing about planning policy change of use and employment generating areas before this.
We expect a decision in May and it will be full steam ahead after that. I’m trying so hard not to get excited in case the council say no!

Why I called it Project Hubble? I’ll let you guess that!! A free brew at dog club for the correct answer!!

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