Friday, 25 September 2009

Bronze Assessors, Assessments and Teamwork

Well Saturday after puppy class we met up at the centre ready to head off to the Kennel Club Bronze Assessor Course, there was me and Dinky, Matt and Teal, Stewart and Storm and Dee and Diesel.
As there were only 4 of us and there are 4 cages in Stewarts van we all piled in there together. Getting Diesel the Rottie on the top bunk was fun! We arrived at the new Guide Dog Centre in Atherton, very nice place I must say. We met a few others dogs and owners who had volunteered to come.

We joined the group while they were having lunch and then spent the afternoon doing Bronze exercises over and over and over again as all the wannabe examiners where assessed. Everyone was really nice and friendly and there were also some dogs from a boxer club too and they were all lovely.

We went back to see the awards and certificates given out and Heidi from the Kennel Club asked if we would be available for the Silver in November and we said yes.
We set back off to Waggawuffins and let the dogs have a good play there before we all set off home.

Sunday was clicker Sunday with Lynda and we did mainly heelwork to music stuff. It was great to see the Sunday people again. I got through quite a few things and Lynda gave me some good pointers. There are Progress awards in November and I need to get cracking with a routine for it.

I headed home and got in at 5pm to leave again at 5.30 picking up Sarah and Samson and set of to the centre for the Bronze Good Citizen tests.
There were 5 dogs tested and all 5 passed, our assessor was Dog Trainer Keith Davies. So well done Dee and Diesel, Sarah and Samson, Lisa and Ripley, Jackie and Cassie and Jayne and Jed.

Keith also took 2 dogs from another club through their Gold at the centre and they both passed so a big well done to those two.

Our next test dates are in October and we will be doing Bronze, Silver and Gold. Due to my ever growing schedule of work Stewart is now in charge of all the Good Citizen stuff.
I’ve started back at college and we are doing Work Based Learning and Counselling Skills and Case Histories. I managed to miss the first live online lectures due to some technical difficulties but it’s all now fixed thanks to Matt’s dad.

The centre is growing from strength to strength all thanks to my team, we all have the same passion, beliefs, we all support each other and get on so well. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Its staff training day tomorrow and I’m looking forwards to a day off on Sunday!

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