Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.

Snoopy decided on Christmas Day Evening while we went for a nap to steal the leftover turkey off the side!!! It was Christmas Carnage on Boxing Day and Snoopy ended up spending most of the day outside!! We were worried that the cooked bones would splinter but he’s all ok now. The dogs never take anything off the sides, but the turkey must have been too much temptation!!

We are all back to normal now at work. I have managed to dig the car out of the snow and get on with things. Me and Matt have managed to get to most of the dog walking customers by car and some I have parked up and walked where it’s bad.

We had some disruptions due to the show, the Christmas Party was cancelled and rescheduled.
Some of the Evening Classes were cancelled but we are all back to normal now and hoping there is not going to be anymore snow!

The extra time has meant I can get on with the boring paperwork. I’ve uploaded some videos of the parties and also updated the website.

We have made a few changes to the classes. Firstly deciding to change the beginners training into mixed activities for beginners so it’s not all obedience training making it much more fun.

In the mixed activities we have also swapped the ‘Competitive Obedience’ Night to ‘Rally Obedience’. I have got all the stuff and we had a trial run with the Monday class this week and all the feedback was good.

If you want to know more about Rally O click on this link

It’s been cold in the centre but thankfully we got the heaters fitted in December just at the right time!!!

Jayne has been updating me on her puppy antics and sent me some cute pictures, cant wait time she joins the puppy classes

I have managed to get my assignments completed in time, but not done much on my routine and starting to panic a bit now!
I’m currently reading Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman which is a really good book and may help me a bit with the comparative psychology assignment.

It’s been a busy and tough year but no regrets. Here’s to the next one!

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