Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Daycare and CAP1

Just a quick update! We have been really busy over the last few weeks. Our Day care has opened and we have a few regular dogs having fun each day with us. Because the daycare has now opened we have a job vacancy for a dog walker which needs to be filled in the next few weeks. Matt is currently covering the dog walking and I am in the centre.

Our Mixed activity classes are full so we need to look at setting up another to accommodate the demand for these. We had some fun on our last tricks session and taught the dogs a behaviour and then added a cue which was a card with the behaviour written on instead of a verbal one, so it looked like the dogs can read! It was Games week last week and it was fun to see everyone’s competitive edge come out. This week is scent week, the dogs just love it!!

We have booked Helen Phillips from Wagmore Barn to come and do a Clicker Trainers Assessment Program Workshop at the centre. This is called CAP1. The course runs over 3 months and includes a daily attendance once a month. The dates are Sun 4th April 2010, Sun 2nd May 2010 and Sun 6th June 2010 9am start till 4.30pm. The course is limited to 8 places and there are 4 available as of writing this blog. The course covers foundation clicker training and is really good.

That’s all for now, must get back to playing with dogs!!

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  1. Hi Jane,

    I think Xanthe, my cocker spaniel, really enjoyed her first week at daycare. It certainly looked like she was having fun when I picked her up, and she's completely flaked out now!

    Thanks for everything, and see you next week.