Tuesday, 31 August 2010

September is nearly here already!!

A quick update, my puppy has been keeping me busy over the last 4 weeks, she is 12 weeks now and allowed to go out. She is fab and so much fun. We went to the Cheshire Game fair on Monday with Jayne and her husband, we took Pickles and Taz and Jayne took Cara.
Jayne took Cara in the Scurry. She ran out really well but stopped before the dummy which went much further, so Jayne did a great retrieve instead :-) !
Pickles wasn’t bothered by anything, dogs, people, chainsaws, gunshots so we were really pleased. She got tonnes of attention!!

It was the first CAP2 last Sunday we have two new additions to the course, Rae from club and also Gillian who came all the way from Glasgow who is on the Bishop Burton degree! Everyone got on really well and we had a great day. It was good to get some more stuff to do. I’m freeshaping Dinky to wag her tail along with some other stuff.

Matt is off this week, he has gone to France with Teal on a road trip to visit Teal’s breeder for the week!! So I’m dog walking all week and training everynight! I’ll probably need a week off when he gets back! At least the weather looks good for walking this week! Poor Matt has got soaked recently, it will take him a week to dry out!

We were business of the month in the Bury Times for August, many people commented on what a great write up it was.

Its been quiet this last month but always is with everyone away on holidays etc, September is booking up now, puppy classes have around 5 places left for September across all 5 classes and DayCare is busier in September than its been so far so that’s good. The Bronze Course for September has one space left due to a cancellation.

We finally laid a new floor in the office last week which has been bare since the flood! We are getting a new floor delivered this week for the reception area, its non slip polyfloor, this is going to enable us to expand the daycare having an additional quiet area!

I get my results for my Degree in the next week or so, scary!!!

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