Friday, 1 October 2010

Grim Reaper spotted on the A1 and Show Ring Success

I took Snoopy to Driffied Championship Dog Show on Thursday
The journey was a bit hectic, the traffic was terrible on the M62 and I was running late. Once we got onto the A1 it was much better and thought I would just make it in time. As we got close to the junction a lorry cut infront of me and drove me over into the fast lane and an oncoming chunk of wood bouncing down the lane!!! Where it come from I dont know, the wood hit the bumber and bounced off and up and headed towards the windscreen!! I thought my number was up it was like a final destination moment. The wood hit it right infront of me but it did'nt break!!! Lucky!!!
In all my stress I missed the junction! I arrived at the show at 9.15 and judging started at 9! I just got snoopy out and his lead and swifly made my way to the ring, they had put judging back 30 mins due to the traffic, pheeewwwwww!
There is a great big dent in the bumber which is metal so it must of took the force of the wood saving my windscreen and me!
Anyway the day improved greatly, we came first in Open Dog and the Good Citizen Class. Then went on to win the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate!

Snoopy now has 3 Reserve CCs and 1 CC

It was a nice day and got to catch up with everyone including my leonberger friends. It was shame that where was some poor sportsmanship around the Polish Lowland Ring especially after seeing the support and friendliness around the leo ring. It certainly doesnt do anything for the popularity of the breed its a shame!

No more Shows for Snoopy now till 2011
Freeshaping day is nearly fully booked up, get in touch soon if you want a space!

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