Saturday, 13 November 2010

College, Graduation, Training Days and Poorly Doggies

loads of stuff has been happening over the past few weeks. Matt started his FdSc in Canine Behaviour and Training, I started my BSc in the same subject. Matt has done a block weekend and has a block week coming soon. I had a block week in October.

I’ve decided on my dissertation and I’m going to research the time it takes to train dogs using different methods.

We had two CAP2 training days which have been really good the last one is next Sunday.
I did my first Clicker Free-Shaping Workshop with was full and got lots of great feedback so more of those to come. It’s the Clicker Gundog Training Day tomorrow, really looking forwards to it!

Last Saturday I graduated a Beverley Minister in East Yorkshire with FdSc in Canine Behaviour and Training. Jon and my Mum and Dad came along, it was a great day!

And finally I have a featured behaviour case history in Decembers Dogs Today Magazine, its their 20 Year Anniversary edition!

I’ve been keeping updated with the Animal Training and Behaviour Council and the changes the organisations are making to fall inline with the plans. It looks good.

Pickles has been poorly and ended up at the vets on a drip, but is much better now. Taz had to have 2 lumps removed and tested, thankfully they are benign. So we’ve had a few visits to the vets over the last few weeks and lots of stress!

I have decided to close the Doggie Daycare for the time being due to other work commitments we have for 2011. We have been sending enquiries over to Mypetstop in Denton which is a great place just off the M60. We are still offering a dog walking service.

I’m currently (along with everything else) writing courses and setting up a new business venture, more of that soon!

The shop is full of doggy goodies for Christmas and I have Christmas Parties to Plan next week!

My PC crashed and died this week so have lost all the emails received, so if you have sent an email and had no reply, please resend or phone the office with your enquiry

That’s all for now!!!

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