Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Study, Study and More Study

I’m part way through my first year BSc top up in Canine Behaviour and Training. It’s been weird just before Christmas Pauline our Course manager that we have had for the last 3 years for the FdSc announced she was leaving. It was quite a shock and feeling of uncertainty, which is still going on now! We have a new course manager and get to meet her in person at college next week. It was also then announced that Lynda is leaving the course, this again was disappointing. I’ve learnt a lot from Lynda especially on the practical side and was looking forwards to doing advanced instructing with her. I think Depending on whom takes over this will depend upon if I take the option now. I feel it’s really important that the teachers are good for you to get the best out of a course. I need to get stuck into my dissertation and do some pilot studies this month, I’ve got Marion for my dissertation support which is fab!

Pauline has set up her own business called Canine Tutor so its good that we actually still can have her support if we need it. If your struggling with a course and need some extra support I would recommend her http://www.caninetutor.co.uk/

I have also been given an amazing opportunity to train as a CAP Assessor for LADs which starts in April. I’m also starting their Teaching Diploma as well as doing my CAP3! I’m really excited about this as I was planning to focus on teaching skills more and this is just ideal.
It’s going to be hard work, like I haven’t got enough on my plate but will be worth it, so lots of study for me this year again!

We have finished the CAP Courses we were offering with Helen for now and Helen is just coming to do training with the Staff at WaggaWuffins who will be continuing to work through their CAP Levels and I’ve allowed a couple of my college friends to come along too.

I feel this last few months I have really found where I want to go and will now be focusing on Dog Training and Behaviour only at Waggawuffins it’s what we excel at!

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