Monday, 10 November 2008

Busy Week

Last Tuesday we went to Mypetstop in Denton to a cabaret Evening with Mary Ray. I have few videos and books of Mary but this was the first time I attended a demonstration. Stewart the trainer at my club came and one of our members with her friends.
It was great Mary covered heelwork to music, obedience and a bit of contacts for agility. She is very entertaining and got some good ideas to help with some problems I’m having. One is getting Dinky to use her backend so we can do decent left turns, the other is getting the trot while I’m walking. Dinky does a beautiful dressage move at fast pace but she just walks when I walk. I’m really thinking about doing Heelwork to Music with Dinky for my advanced dog training next year. I bought Mary’s new book ‘Superdog’ and 6 targets sticks for dog club.

Friday I completed my assignment on genetics and covered von Willebrands Disease in Dobermanns. I got some really interesting information by analysing the health scheme results. Will maybe cover that in more detail another day.

Saturday I was planning draught training with Dinky, but had far too much house work and dog club stuff to catch up on. How boring!!

Sunday we had a club dog walk in Phillips Park, it was muddy and wet, but a great time was had by all. I think many people who live in North Manchester don’t realise what great green space we have on our doorstep.
The dogs love it and its great watching how different breeds with different drives interact as a group. We had 2 collies, a Leonberger, a German Shepherd, a Swedish Vallhund, a Springer, a polish lowland and a cross breed. I managed to get some pictures this time. We are planning a trip to Hebden Bridge and Hardcastle Craggs for the next one.


  1. Is it possible to "teach an old dog new tricks?"

  2. I have been clicker training Taz the Lancashire Heeler, she is 6 years old an nearly blind. She has had no formal previous training. She can sit, spin, beg, jump and walk backwards