Thursday, 13 November 2008

Mud, Sticks and Cake

I'm very pleased with myself, I had this weeks assignment completed by Tuesday this is not like me at all.
I’ve done lots of dog walking this week and 1 behaviour case. My puppy classes are full till next year. The only downfall to classes being busy is you have to turn people away and they get a bit upset because you can't accommodate them.

On Wednesday the RSPCA were understaffed so they didn’t need me for training. As I was free I went and helped instead. I exercised all the dogs. I was caked in mud when I left and I smelt really really bad but I felt great!

I have bought a stand alone target stick and my dogs think it is the most amazing thing ever. They already love targeting, I think Snoopy might break it though, he got really excited when he touched it and it bounced back on his nose. Must take it to club tonight for my advanced class to have a play with it.
I have also got the Learning about dogs 'Dances with dogs' book so will be getting on with that this weekend I think. Stuff the house work!!
Snoopy seems to have lost the plot at the moment and gets too excited. Ive been teaching Dinky to cross her paws and she seems to be getting that.

I made some liver cake the other day but it was really crumbly, think I need more eggs. Im obviously not a cakey bakey type of woman. However give me a piece of steak to fry or a joint to roast and you'd be impressed.
Three Classes tonight so must go and prepare.


  1. Where did you get your static target stick? I'd be really interested in one of those. :)