Sunday, 8 March 2009

Crufts 2009

Well I was up at 4am after not much sleep. Got ready, Snoopy knew something was happening and he was going somewhere after all the grooming and faffing. I picked my mum and Sue up at 5am and off we set. We had a slight detour to Stoke on Trent where we picked Brenda from the ADTB and her gorgeous border collie Jade. We had a couple of u turns due to the AA directions having notes of Travelodge’s which confused my mum.
Anyway traffic was fine and we arrived nice and early and I went off to buy a show lead as about 10pm last night I realised it was in the box at dog club!

Snoopy’s first class was limit dog and there were 9 dogs in this class. Snoopy was impeccably behaved and shown beautifully winning 2nd place! We then went on to the Good Citizen scheme class where there were 2 entries, as Snoopy has already beaten the other dog in limit so he was automatically awarded 1st place.

The judge commented on Snoopy’s condition and muscle tone saying you can tell he gets good exercise which was nice.

It was great to catch up with everyone, Snoopy’s breeder came over from Poland and I got a lecture on grooming as Snoopy does not have enough coat. I need to be washing him every week and only brushing him when he is wet and has conditioner on so it doesn’t split his coat. So I spent a small fortune on coat care and we will see what happens!!
Did lots of shopping, Crufts wasn’t as busy as it has been but this made shopping a little easier. Thankfully we were not impacted at all by the protesters and managed to have a great day.

Anyway, I am shattered and off to bed

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