Friday, 13 March 2009

Off to College

Well Im off for a weekend session at college tommorow, 9am start in Hull. We are doing advanced dog training and inappropriate canine behaviour. Our lecture on Wednesday was on Aggression and really interesting so looking forwards to this weekend.

My plan with Dinky is to work on going round out wide using the target stick and more duration on trotting, I may work on the foot lift but will see how we do with that this afternoon.

Ive spent £80 on grooming products for Snoopy from Plush Puppy and they have devised me a concoction for using on his coat to help growth and protect it from breaking. What a ridiculous amout of money, I must be mad..............................I hope it works!! Here is a picture of Snoopy's brother winning Best of Breed at Westminster dog show in the USA, this is how I want Snoopy's coat to look!!

As for the 'current climate' I must be on another planet, I have never been this busy with work!!

Whats really nice is some of the enquirys I've had have come by recommendation and by more than one person. One lady said 3 of her friends who dont know each other, from different social circles recommended me. A lady yesterday said said 2 different people in the park recommended me.

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