Thursday, 5 March 2009

Watch Crufts on the Net

Im currently watching the canine freestyle on

The only chance you ever get to see the really good stuff at Crufts was by going there, this year the BBC ( who only ever show the breed judging and a bit of the sports) refused to air crufts because of all the controversy with the pedigree dogs exposed documentary. So Crufts/Kennel Club have decided to show it live over the internet.
So you can watch all the agility, heelwork to music, junior handling etc and even register and watch it on demand for a small fee.

And the whole world can see what crufts is really all about.

Im glad the BBC dropped Crufts :-)


  1. What would be perfect would be to have a camera on every ring and let us chose what to watch! I've no interest in showing, but I'd love to see HTM and maybe some agility. And possibly the obedience.

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