Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Centre Update

Well we’ve been really busy and I’m quite shattered today. Jon my OH has put all the stud walls up, the plumber has fitted a new toilet and sink in the existing toilet. My dad fitted 23 meters of electric cable to the wall so the electrician can fit an electric box in the office. We have laid the office and kitchen floor and filled with insulation. I started to clean the loose pain off the walls ready for new paint! The windows have been measured up and the new ones will be fitted this week.
Next weekend we can start fixing the ply to the walls.

Also we found the little baby pigeon had died yesterday that has been squatting in the centre. I think it was probably the stress caused by all the building work but were not sure!

Well I’d better get on with my assignment, I have lots of dogs walking and training this week and an assessment to do for the RSPCA

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