Monday, 31 August 2009

College Soon for Two of Us!

Daniella got her GCSEs this week, she got 4 Bs and 5 Cs which is more than she needed for college, I was very proud. She enrolled on Thursday after she got her results. She is doing Business, Accounting, Economics and Psychology! Daniella has been helping me dog walking over the Summer but she will be in college now from next week. I start back at Bishop Burton at the end of September.

I went to the RSPCA last week to assess a couple of dogs and I’m back there tommorow. We discussed putting together some rehabilitation programs for each dog and also reducing the barking in the kennels using a clicker method by Karen Pryor. They have some really nice dogs in at the moment. They have a show this weekend coming at Clarence Park so we will be there.

We have been working on the daycare rooms at Waggawuffins this weekend and also finishing off the artwork. Jamie, Wordsworth and Hong Kong Phooey are complete. One rest room is complete and the main room just needs a couple of finishing touches. Dinky, Snoopy and Taz have been with us at the centre playing all weekend.

I have been arranging with a couple of students to have a clicker training weekend at the centre which we plan to do in October. Really looking forwards to that, it will be good to catch up on where everyone is up to with the Advanced Dog Training Module.

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