Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Rain Drops, Clicks, Ducks and Petitions

We it doesn't seem to have done much other than rain over the past few weeks!! I seem to be carrying most of my clothes in the van with me. The other week I got caught in a shower and went into sport soccer soaked and bought a T shirt and pants to change into. I dont mind the rain or getting wet its when the weather changes and I get caught its not much fun. Non of the dogs I walk mind the rain at all except for Ollie the Shitz Tzu he would rather stay on the sofa and watch TV. Ive added a short video of some ducklings me and Xanthe the Cocker Spaniel were watching in the rain the other day, very cute!!

I went on Lynda's Clicker Saturday this weekend which was great. We had to free shape Lynda to do a behaviour we had written a training plan for and then did some targeting. I got Dinky to touch the side of a tiny cone out of a toy car set with the bottom of her paw. The cone is about an inch tall. This got me a beautiful ballet type move so going to do the other foot, fade out the cone and use it for my HTM routine. I've decided to do my routine to Mudfootball by Jack Johnson. We also made some progress on spinning on the box as I was struggling to get Dinky to turn her back on me to get a full turn, but I free shaped her to look away from me. My homework is to get a backwards circle round an object.

Sunday I popped down to the RSPCA show, it was great to see everyone and catch up. I also saw one of the dogs from classes Ozzy, he managed to get himself a free bath in the Dial a Dog Wash Van and his picture taken by the local press. Steven from Dial a Dog Wash has just set up his business and I had a good chat with him, he seems really nice.

Dinky slammed into a parked car a few weeks back, well she tried to fit between a parked car and a post that was only half as wide as she is and damaged her shoulder so I havent been doing anything with her for a while as she has been resting. She is much better and getting backinto things

Finally CABPT that I am a member of have set up a petition against harsh dog training methods, please take some time to sign it and support positive methods . Its called Ask Why Say No.

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