Sunday, 2 August 2009

Wagga-Wuffins Activity Centre Update

Well a long awaited update!

I think this has been one of the hardest things I have done in my life.WaggaWuffins is open!!! My office/consulting room is still a work in progress and there are still some bit and bobs to do and the Daycare chill out room is still a work in progress too. The Environmental Health sent me a huge document by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health with regards to Pet Sitting and Daycare which has enabled us to make sure we meet all their requirements in the building work.

The new Windows and Front Door have finally been fitted!!!! Its looks smart from the outside now and the grills will be fitted this week. There was a little accident while removing the old windows and I am now minus a toilet lol!! A new one is being fitted tommorow. The posts are all padded up too in florescent orange water proof material.

I took my dogs for a test run before we opened and they loved it. Snoopy was running round with a ball in his mouth, he never plays with toys. Everyone who came really likes the place and are very impressed especially those who have already been training with us. The dogs really like it to.
Quite a few people have come to watch the classes before they book on too, it’s great to have the space to do this. I love having my own place, its been hard but so worth it.

We filled the beginner’s classes on the Wednesday with some really nice dogs and have just one place left for the August course.

I picked up the agility set last Sunday which is all painted in red and blue to match the centre colours, its looks really smart, the instructors gave it test run Sunday afternoon, after I gave them a team building exercise to put it together! The first course starts on the 4th August which is fully booked. Next one will start at the end of August.

Then I will focus on getting the RingCraft going on a Friday. Saturday training will start at the end of August as I have other things booked in August on some weekends.

I’ve finished my second year degree and have a bit of well needed rest now until September when I start my third and final year.
Promise there will be photos this week I keep forgetting the camera

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