Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Distinctions all Round!

It’s been a busy week! Jayne finished her COAPE ‘DogWise’ course and her results came through and she passed with distinction. Well done Jayne.

On Saturday we got together for a bit of a training session and an injured homing pigeon found it way into the centre! Brave thing when there were two spaniels and labradoodle there!!!
We put it in a dog cage in the daycare room with some water and bird seed and reported it online as it had a ring on its leg.

Sunday was the final CAP1 workshop and assessment day. Everyone did exceptionally well and we all passed CAP1 with distinction. A massive well done to everyone, Stewart, Jayne, Matt, Anne-Marie, Jackie, Cas and Sue.

Matthew got the Teachers Award off Helen, Helen got her Kentucky and Sue’s husband happens to keep pigeons so she got to take the pigeon home!

We start CAP2 next in August and Helen got us started with ideas of what behaviours we are going to do. We have definitely 1 space available and maybe another on the CAP2 which is 4 workshops run over 4 months. If you are interested email me jane@waggawuffins.com

We had our first Heelwork to Music Training class on Wednesday which was great fun and it’s our first Friday of classes this week, Mixed Activities, Puppy Socialisation and Ringcraft.
We are all off to Blackpool Champ Show in a couple of weeks so we will be practicing for that on Fridays!

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