Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Clicker Training Days At Waggawuffins

Clicker Pre Sports Puppy 8th May 2011
10am till 4pm £30 per handler - Max 8 dogs
A day for anyone that is planning to do sports with their puppy or if you just want some fun training ideas! The day consists of self awareness through shaping, targeting and object interaction, finding your puppy’s motivators and reinforcers and training games to build a stronger bond and focus

Clicker Free-Shaping Day 22nd May 2011
10am till 4pm £30 per handler - Max 8 dogs
A full day of learning about Free-Shaping
Free-Shaping builds stronger more reliable behaviours.
The day focuses on teaching object interaction to help with directional and distance control, agility and assistance dogs support, physical movements from paw lifts and head turns to tail wags and lips licks, directional movement’s like spins, turns and backwards circles

Foundation Agility Workshop 12th June 2011
10am till 4pm £35 per handler - Max 6 dogs
For Pet Dogs! The day involves introducing your dog safely to all the equipment using clicker shaping and capturing. We teach the dogs to work the equipment independently, confidently and safely. Our methods enable your dog to be calm and focused while having loads of fun!

Treibball Training Workshop 19th June 2011
10am till 4pm £35 per handler - Max 6 dogs
Learn Treibball with your dog. It’s not just for Collies, ball herding suitable for any breed. We teach the foundation exercises with clicker training. During the day we will teach the outrun to the dogs, then introduce the dogs to the gym balls where eventually we look at teaching the push/drive and directional control

All workshops instructed by Jane Ardern FdSc CBT, DipCABT, CAP2, CAPBT, MAPDT1058

Contact: Jane@waggawuffins.com or call 0161 762 0174 to book

www.waggawuffins.com www.youtube.com/waggawuffins

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