Sunday, 24 April 2011

Irresponsible Dog Owner!

Today I met up with my Brother, his wife, my nephew and their chocolate lab for a nice Easter Sunday Stroll round Phillips Park. I took Pickles with me.

We were having a lovely walk and stopped by the Hall in the Gardens while Charlie my nephew who is 2 was blowing bubbles. Suddenly two very large black Labradors came charging over towards us off lead with their owner calling them and they totally ignored her.

The largest lab spotted my sister in laws bag and made a bee line for it, went straight in and dragged out little Charlie’s body warmer running around with its new trophy, then the other lab ran up trying to get it and the two dogs started to play tug quite aggressively with it tearing itand slobbering all over it!

I picked Charlie up in my arms quickly not happy that these dogs where having a great time tearing something apart that was covered in my little nephews scent!

The dogs then dropped the body warmer and pummelled Pickles into the Pond who then couldn’t get out as the Labs were all round where she was trying to get out. The owner went to the pond where my sister in law was trying to get Pickles, asked was Pickles her dog, put hers on lead and just walked off!!!

My sister in law came back to us with a torn slobbered jacket and I asked if she apologised, she said no she just asked if Pickles was her dog.

Very angry I shouted that an apology would be nice and she just looked at us and walked off!

Her friend who was with her had a Lab on lead all the time, maybe she should take a leaf out her friend’s book and be more responsible and keep her out of control dogs on a lead, or maybe get them trained!!!!


  1. How horrible! What a rotten way to have your day spoiled. Poor Pickles. :(