Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wagga Wuffins Launch Puppy Life Skills Sessions - 'Training and Socialisation in the Real World'

We have had many discussions about what pet owners really need to help them turn their puppies into well behaved sociable adult dogs.
We run very successful puppy classes at Waggawuffins where we include controlled socialisation, basic training and education of owners.

We have found that some people find it hard to transfer these skills outside into their day to day environment and some people don’t have the confidence to allow their dogs to got off lead or socialise with other dogs without our supervision.
We always train dogs and puppies in controlled environments such as fields, halls and centres and although they are safe and controlled having many advantages, we should also be out there in the real world supporting the training and socialisation there too!
So we have designed WaggaWuffins Puppy Life Skills Sessions!
These sessions have been developed by our behaviourist Jane Ardern with the support of one of our trainers Matthew Phair and are training sessions of small groups in public places. One is a visit to Bury Town Centre and the others are Local Parks (Heaton, Phillips, Burrs)
If you think you might be interested in these sessions please visit our website for more information

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